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Truth and Love, the preserver of man.

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    I found a few statements by Martha Wilcox in her address from 1941 that we can and should apply to our world today. Democracy, or freedom, seems always threatened, both in the west and in the east. Politics is often played out under a sheepskin of wonderful promises, morality, religiosity, nationalism etc. Underneath can often be the wolf of egotism, selfishness, greed, lust for power and all the etceteras of mortal mind. Martha Wilcox writes:
    “Day by day, we should know that nothing unlike good is taking place. When we read or cognize that our liberty is being threatened by the dominating powers of autocracy, we can even take care of that, ….as we establish our thought on the side of Principle, …. the law that governs and cares for the universe.” “In every Christian Science treatment the only adequate denial is the absolute nothingness of any phase of evil.” “The desire to wipe a certain nation (race, religion) off the map, or to feel great disapproval of any person or group of people, is not the correct attitude for any Christian Scientist to take. To make any error, however great, a personal error, is not the way to prove its nothingness. Our work as Christian Scientists is to prove the powerlessness and nothingness of erroneous thought, wherever it is seen or whatever its form, through our own correct mental position of God´s allness.” I paraphrase this from her writings: “The allness and omnipotence of God is the wholeness and substance of every human being.” There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free…for we are all one in Christ. There is only one substance.


    Thank you Jacob! That goes well with what we discussed at Bible study today. and we will have to read it tomorrow at the roundtable. Wonderful statement!

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