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"Truth guards the gateway to harmony." (SH 537)

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Announcements Forums Everlasting Punishment – April 30th, 2017 "Truth guards the gateway to harmony." (SH 537)

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    Truth is the unwavering, standard pitch to which I must constantly attune myself in order to participate in the choirs of heaven intoning the music of the spheres. Atonement is “attunement”: keeping in tune with the Infinite.
    On the other hand, personal sense is constantly attempting to create and maintain lasting expressions of human harmony apart from God, a sham, forced inclusiveness that is completely outside the laws of harmony established by God. All such attempts yield not harmony, but only its opposite: discord. A monumental example of this is the tower of Babel, built by those who united their hearts in intense desire to ascend to heaven, to pass through the “gateway to harmony”, in an exclusively human, material way, without acknowledging Spirit. The result of such humanistic hubris was a greater expression of discord and confusion on earth than ever before.
    God grant me the humility to strive for the only oneness that truly unites all of us, which is oneness with the One.


    This is beautiful, thank you! Especially your opening sentence. I love the idea of “attunement” in relation to atonement.

    Also, I was struck by the words “forced inclusiveness”, which reflects personal sense and human will. We certainly are experiencing in this time new forms of the “tower of Babel”. Thank goodness we can counteract these expressions of seeming discord by “keeping in tune with the Infinite” as you so eloquently stated.


    Thank you! The composer, Johannes Brahms, used the phrase “in tune with the Infinite” to describe a moment of deep musical inspiration, and the phrase is also the title of book written in 1897 by Ralph Waldo Trine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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