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twice have I heard this

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    11. God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

    I have been praying about what this means, as we have had this in lessons a few times, and the following occurred to me today: When God speaks, it is done. Therefore He only needs to speak once, and that is the first time I hear it. After this, depending on my state of thought, I may need time to gain the understanding of what it means, before I can make it my own. Once it becomes my own, then it is in my thought, and being in my thought becomes the second time I have heard it.

    This has happened in working with my practitioner: She will state something that I don’t understand, and then sometime later it will come this eureka moment where I hear it once again, and finally understand how to apply it.

    I am so grateful for the patience of God and my practitioner, as I am sure even now there is much I have yet to hear that second time. Thank you!

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