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    One of the most serious problems when people work together is the disuniting influence of human will, which results in contention and worse. The lesson is clear that the one uniting force is God. Those who unite with this one Mind, work exceptionally well with others who do the same. It has been observed that those who are united accomplish multiple times more than those who contend. It is God who unites, selfishness divides. Let’s recognize and accept only the one Mind for ourselves and others and thereby let this unity have its way. It is amazing and natural what God can do.



    Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! Psalm 133:1

    This is what we have learned to do in this church, dwell together in unity. To be of one Mind, obedient to God. It is good and pleasant to work together. We get a lot accomplished with no gossip, no backbiting, or criticism. If we see a brother in danger of becoming mesmerized, we speak up. If someone needs help with a task, we offer to help. This is Christly love which is tough and tender. It is safety. It is the best place to be, dwelling in the love of God, dwelling together in unity.


    Michael Pupko

    How true this is! As a laborer (farmer) it was very easy to see that doing a job alone takes so much more time than in unison with someone else. One would think adding just one more person to the same job would cut the time in half but the efficiency goes way beyond that. And then the bonus is when people help each others there is Christ in our midst. As Mrs. Eddy said “A good deed is the best prayer” (paraphrase) which is of course why the work gets done so quickly!!



    This is Christly love which is tough and tender. It is safety. It is the best place to be, dwelling in the love of God, dwelling together in unity.

    There is no who is the greatest; it is that selfless, humble accomplishing of GOOD which is so beautiful and so rare…..
    Thanks for all these posts!

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