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Until God Strips off Their Disguise

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Announcements Forums Reality – March 25th, 2018 Until God Strips off Their Disguise

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    472 All reality is in God and His creation, harmonious and eternal. That which He creates is good, and He makes all that is made. Therefore the only reality of sin, sickness, or death is the awful fact that unrealities seem real to human, erring belief, until God strips off their disguise. They are not true, because they are not of God.

    Learning so much more about the healing spirit and power of the First commandment is so effective in realizing the utter emptiness/powerlessness of all the false beliefs that manifest as the discords we have to face, challenge and overcome. It does require discipline, perseverance, willingness resulting in spiritual understanding, to finally accept and honor the FACT that God alone is real and true, and that all else are the effects of false beliefs entertained. This has gradually become very clear because how could I experience something that I have never either become aware of and believed or entertained in my thinking?

    This is why our remedy preventatively or curatively is to hold to God, (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth and Love) His Supreme Being, and man as that likeness, making all else outside/apart from that pure spiritual Allness. This Truth when acknowledged and held to will strip off the disguise of every false belief, whether it presents as, depression, envy, jealousy, injustice, inharmonious relationships, selfishness, sensuality and sexuality, a wound, a growth, an accident, pain, infection, a cold, allergies, a fall, even death! We awake to see every error’s unreality and triumph with the reality of only God, Good!

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