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    Kari O.

    I am very grateful for last night’s Unity Watch on weather. (Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, given by Mary Baker Eddy, page 104). I was led to some articles this morning by Paul Stark Seeley. “In the light of this infinitude a violent outburst [overheated, angry, dry, annoyed, agitated, chaotic, personal sense, universal false belief, etc.] of mindless matter has no prestige or place.” (Atmosphere, Jan. 1943, C. S. Journal) “We need not accept as final the predictions of a weather bureau. The meteorologists diagnose the physical conditions, and base their forecast thereon. They make no pretension to consideration of the supremacy of the forces of God. Only the science of Christianity does that. Jesus saw that the phenomenon of the storm was in the light of divine Science as false as leprosy or paralysis. So we may properly realize that the prophecy of any phenomenon that would be contrary to the will of Love and the law of God cannot eventuate. He who is All accords it no substance, power, activity, or place.” “Man, individually and collectively, lives in the atmosphere of divine Science, wherein all conditions of being are held in balance by Mind. The spiritual fact is that into this realm, mortal mind and its phenomena have no entree.” (Man can Demonstrate God’s Control of the Weather, Sept. 1945, C. S. Journal)
    Very grateful to this church where I am learning to obey Jesus’ commands to watch and pray.


    Thank you Kari for this post and the quotes from the articles, very inspiring. I often find myself wondering what comes first, the weather, or the forecast.

    I am also most grateful for Thursday’s watch on the weather.

    Reading Watches Prayers and Arguments I was struck by something I don’t remember reading properly before, the description on page 13 of how Gilbert Carpenter handled the weather watch:

    “he found his work was always successful, when he took up the weather from the standpoint of Mrs. Eddy herself, not as if she wanted pleasant weather for her own enjoyment, but as if the atmosphere at Pleasant View was the effect of her demonstration of a vantage, from which she might do the most efficient work for God and man. In his work he would relate the weather to her demonstration, declaring it to be governed by her reflection of Mind, and therefore to be harmonious, in the sense that it met the human need either for sunshine or rain; but that it could not be controlled by malice or hatred to do harm or to disturb her peace by extremes of any sort.”

    and in the next paragraph:

    “one cannot work scientifically on the weather, without endeavoring to excommunicate the so- called human mind from the world, in order that divine Mind may come in and govern in this physical universe”

    I realise I have been mostly working on the weather by knowing that it is controlled by what I can only describe as a somewhat external or detached God. Here we are clearly advised that Mr Carpenter declared it was Mrs Eddy’s harmonious reflection of God, Mind, that governed the weather.

    In the present-day absence of Mrs Eddy I can only think that we must declare it is our own harmonious reflections of Mind, God, that govern the weather. Thus we excommunicate our own human minds from the world, so that divine Mind may come in and govern.

    I too am so grateful for this church and this Science, and to be among others working together for the good of humanity and the world.

    And just as I type this a heavy rainstorm outside has just stopped!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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