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    I used to get so discouraged when a claim I thought I have been working on to “heal” kept coming back. At times the claim would “hide” for a while and then voila! here it would come again rearing its ugly head. And here is the reason, given plain and simple; SH 240 : 18-4 Mortals move onward towards good or evil as time glides on. If mortals are not progressive, past failures will be repeated until all wrong work is effaced or rectified. (emphasis added)

    When I had not really understood the counter-fact of that claim and used it to get convinced of the unreality and powerlessness of it (error’s only chief blow) why would I think the claim is extinguished and would not show up again?. The repeated appearing meant I had not rendered the claim nothing, it remained something I believed in as real; which in a way said I was not accepting, respecting and obeying the Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omni-action of God, whom I professed to reflect.

    So no complaining, no getting all discouraged or thinking I can use some other non lasting means, but rather say welcome to all the reminders that forces true spiritual progress!


    Thank you! In one of Gilbert Carpenter’s 500 Watching Points, he states that after every healing it is important to understand and to know it was never true in the first place. How can something not true re-occur? It cannot! Sometimes Christian Scientists get mocked for saying sin, disease, and death are unreal, but when we fully understand the deeper meaning of this statement and realize, as you stated so well, there cannot be two powers but only the One Supreme Power – God Good, then the unreality of sin, disease and death becomes self-evident and thus provable. Just as in mathematics so in Christian Science some of these problems might take awhile to prove and to understand. But that is OK. As we take up the work day by day – we get plenty of opportunities to practice the Truth of these God-given Principles until we finally see clearly and can no longer be fooled by the lie.


    I had maybe a rather childish inspiration a couple of days ago. It goes something like this: God is saying, “If all this were real, surely I would do something about it. I would heal all disease, eliminate all evil and correct all error and lies, and be done with this opposing mortal mind and its world. But I, God, cannot fix anything that does not exist. That is why I sent my Son, to show you it is not real.”

    I feel sad when I realize how millions of good Christians have implored heaven to “fix things,” and heal loved ones. But evil and matter always was their reality, and as long as we think it is reality, it will be. So much unanswered prayer, so much suffering. It takes constant work to keep ourselves above it, because it does seem very real and normal to our senses.

    Isn’t it an insult to God to think He has anything to do with “this?” That He could know it, be aware of it, allow it? God knows only His perfect Mind or creation, harmonious, perfect, wonderful, sweet, happy, good. And Love is reflected in love.


    Isn’t it an insult to God to think He has anything to do with “this?”

    Yes it is the “wrong” understanding of God that perpetuates that He, a good God, can send disease, bad weather etc. to punish His own children. This can lead one to think that a great deal of Christian life is in profession only but not in practice. What even we would not do to our children, we have the audacity to think God is capable of doing. Interesting how many times we hear, “God is good all the time.
    Does the “all the time” mean anything or it just sounds good?

    Only God, as understood through Christian Science is logical and makes sense; This is why Mrs. Eddy says in SH 390:7-9 “It is our ignorance of God, the divine Principle, which produces apparent discord, and the right understanding of Him restores harmony.” The leaven of Truth is leavening, so we can trust Truth’s work!

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