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What does “I am Alpha and Omega” mean?

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Announcements Forums God The Preserver Of Man – December 11th, 2016 What does “I am Alpha and Omega” mean?

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    I was thinking and praying about this unused Bible Study question, about its meaning beyond the fact that alpha and omega are the beginning and end of the Greek alphabet.

    It occurred to me that if God had told me this, He may have said, “I am A and Z” — or perhaps “I am A to Z” — since Greek is not my native language. Thinking about it that way, I felt it would mean the beginning and the end, but it would also mean more. It would mean He was all, and complete. It would mean that there can be no accurate description or understanding of God and His universe without the language of Love, the vocabulary of Truth, the grammar of Life, etc.

    I am so grateful that God has imparted this way to understand Him that we have in Christian Science. Thank you!


    Thank you. This is an excellent post. It also speaks to the infinitude of the Love and the Truth which are God. God is without beginning and end. The Truth and Love which are God has no beginning and it will never end. Time and space and all the mortal sense of limitation that go along with it are meaningless to God. They should be meaningless to us as well. This is our divine authority for dropping all sense of limitation about ourselves and others. Mrs. Evans taught us to put “unlimited” after our name whenever we think of ourselves. I am Bob Jones, unlimited. Why? Because that’s what our infinite, good God created.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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