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What is Truth?

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    223 : 14-24
    The question, “What is Truth,” convulses the world. Then it says: The efforts of error to answer this question by some ology are vain.
    The word convulses is very strong. From Websters 1828 the second definition gives this: 2. To shake; to affect by violent irregular action.
    It is through Christian Science that I began to think of God as Truth. Truth knows no evil or no falsehoods. It is light that does reveal all error.
    People are seeking the Truth everywhere; it cannot be found in no other way than by our cultivated spiritual sense. Through this we find God, Truth and we can find our true selves.


    “Through (our cultivated spiritual sense) we find God, Truth and we can find our true selves.”

    Finding our true selves isn’t easy, it requires being honest, and listening to what God has to say. Getting ourselves out of the way… so that God may reveal Himself. It took me quite a while to truly get honest and get God!

    I’m grateful to know God through the seven synonyms that Mrs. Eddy brought us: Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, TRUTH, Love. And to know God (or Truth) is a constant knowing, the work of a lifetime… eternity!


    From Webster’s 1828 dictionary to cultivate: to till, to improve by study or labor, to refine and improve by correction of faults.
    The “cultivating” is the eternal striving for deeper understanding and knowing of God’s nature and our true being, which teaches our freedom from all ills. No one has finished this eternal work! But the continual persistence, joyous or painful finding out, knowing and loving what is true leads us on!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Love is the liberator.