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Why am I here?

The Bulletin Board is for gratitude for Christian Science and the Church, as well as timely excerpts from the Bible, the works of Mrs. Eddy, and the early workers that help and encourage. We are very grateful for all posts that conform to these guidelines, but will edit or remove anything that the Practitioners feel is not in complete accord with pure Christian Science or in any way disrespectful of it.

We also ask that you keep your postings as concise as possible. If you quote the Bible, please use The King James Version, as this is what Mrs. Eddy used. Thank you!

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    The question, why am I here, is generally faced by everyone at some time or another. The answer is clearly stated in our lesson this week. We all, individually, have a purpose and a place. The Bible is clear that all the different gifts, talents, were given by the same Spirit or God, and for His purpose. This rules out misuse of talents for selfish purposes, and it also rules out competition and envy. A good God gives to each individually just what is right for him or her. This also rules out inadequacy, What God gives is never insufficient, though it may be so misjudged by the worldly minded. Our subject this week is Life, a synonym for God; it is natural to love life.


    Such an important idea. Thank you Bruce. It brings to mind the following from Miscellany by Mrs. Eddy, “Thus may each member of this church rise above the oft-repeated inquiry, What am I? to the scientific response: I am able to impart truth, health, and happiness, and this is my rock of salvation and my reason for existing.”

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