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Wonderful things are happening!

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    I would like to give thanks to our PlainfieldCS Church for all the great material to read and or listen to on the internet and youtube. The wonderful article by Dorothy Rieke, called “I am not concerned, Wonderful things are happening,” made divine Love become nearer, dearer and more real. I meet often with my contemporaries, grumpy old men, and also less grumpy senior ladies, and they all suffer from and grapple with diseases and physical problems, and with the fear of a concept called death. I cannot mention the word “God” in this present day Holland without being ridiculed. That is because of the history of mistaken theology and a wrong concept of God. The evolution theory helped establish the delusion that life is matter. But I understand so clearly now that it is the unreal human, material, mortal mind that both causes and experiences this hell of constant medical problems and death. To paraphrase Mrs. Rieke, fifty thousand billion light years around us, there is nothing but God. Nothing to touch us, influence us or control us. Just God, good, Love. Wonderful things are happening.

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Love is the liberator.