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You can't lose what is real!

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Announcements Forums Unreality – October 2nd, 2016 You can't lose what is real!

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    “It is impossible that man should lose aught that is real, when God is all and eternally his.” (S&H) A simple Truth that has been taught in this church is – all that anyone can ever really lose are the false beliefs of sin, disease, and death because that is all that is unreal. I can remember being haunted by the belief I was going to lose something precious to me but what God gives can never be lost! All that can be lost are my unreal concepts, my personal sense of things. The lesson this week is full of examples of this Truth. Thank God Mrs. Eddy saw past the veil of personal sense and limitation to the real and the eternal. It might appear in her life she lost many things and yet she came to this realization and could write “…nothing is lost, and all is won, by a right estimate of what is real.” (S&H)
    I love this little poem found long ago,
    In prayer, I silence self, and rise above
    My anxious human sense of those I dearly love
    I place them all in God’s wise care
    Knowing they are so much safer there!


    How very helpful, and thank you especially for sharing the simple prayer “Release,” such an important reminder and easy to take with you!


    Yes, it is impossible to lose what God has given or what He wants us to have. Not losing Abigail is such a beautiful proof of this.
    God protected the families of all his men as well. When we work wholeheartedly for God, and put all else in His care, He does protect us in more ways than we could ever imagine..


    I have this in my daily watch— Only what God wants is real and the only thing that can happen for everyone.

    Thank you for these posts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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Love is the liberator.