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    “Told about some friends calling on Mrs. Eddy one day, …Mrs. Eddy seemed to be busy, they started away; but she called to them to come to her, and then asked them if they knew what she was doing. They replied they didn’t, and then she said, “I am going back in my memory just as far as I can remember and denying all the error that ever seemed to happen to me.” It is poor use of memory to review error.” from 1937 by Bicknell Young, page 12

    in reply to: “Bless the Lord” #15535

    From our website a similar message from an article titled, How Can You Help Yourself by Peter V Ross. He addresses what are you saying to yourself and how to respond with Christian Science.

    in reply to: Let us disrobe error. #15345

    Read at the end of last Sunday’s Roundtable:
    “Three years he went about doing good. He had for thirty years been preparing to heal and teach divinely; but his three-years mission was a marvel of glory: … This spiritual idea, or Christ, entered into the minutiæ of the life of the personal Jesus. It made him an honest man, a good carpenter, and a good man, before it could make him the glorified.” from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy, page 162

    “Changed Natures
    The students at this first association meeting needed to be changed in their natures in order to serve and love as did the Master. At this meeting, the power of Truth was so irresistible that the natures of these students were changed, and they gladly obeyed the command, and went forth to teach and to heal, and to establish the Christian Church.” From Address by Martha Wilcox, page 208

    in reply to: The very hairs of your head are all numbered. #15247

    On a similar note I came across this a few days ago, “What is our attitude towards these latter days? Surely not one of fear, and anxiety and confusion. No. Jesus’ admonition to us was, that we ascend upon our housetop, meaning an altitude of understanding, and not come down. He said in connection with this prophecy, ‘In your patience possess ye your souls,’ and ‘There shall not an hair of your head perish.’ Jesus’ promise for these troublous times was, ‘Then shall they see the Son of Man coming in a cloud of great glory.’ He also left for us the scientific admonition, ‘And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads (understanding), for your redemption draweth nigh.’ Yes, we have the unfailing assurance of rest and deliverance from what seems to be upheaval and disaster.” From Addresses by Martha Wilcox


    Thank you for your post. This line was part of the first things I was given to memorize by my Plainfield practitioner – “will uphold [us] with the right hand of [His] righteousness” and I decided to lookup some of the words to give me a deeper sense of what I was repeating. Below were some of the meanings found in commentaries.

    Uphold: lift up, support

    Right hand: Total authority, absolute power, an indispensable help, ever-present almighty power.

    Obedience to “fear not” and surrender/trust in His Righteousness(Goodness) instead of personal will power, personal thinking, or self determination we are given strength, help, support from our ever-present loving Father-Mother God who we are nothing without. Mrs. Eddy said of children “It is easier to incline the early thought rightly, than the biased mind. Children not mistaught, naturally love God; for they are pure-minded, affectionate, and generally brave. Passions, appetites, pride, selfishness, have slight sway over the fresh, unbiased thought. from “I’ve Got Cold” by Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, page 240.

    in reply to: Powerful Article on Elisha #13001

    Thank you for this article on Elisha’s journey. There were many good parts but one that stood out to me was, “At each step of the journey Elijah was saying ‘stay here, don’t go any further’ and he was testing Elisha to see if Elisha would stay with him and how much Elisha wanted to follow him and to be with him. And Elisha passed the test saying (in so many words!) ‘Look, there’s no way, no way at all I am leaving you. I am staying with you and I don’t want to be anywhere else.'”

    This reminded me of a statement given to me by my practitioner and also repeated in our classes, “For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.” Isa. 50:7

    and from our Daily Duties:
    “Alertness to Duty
    It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind. By his works he shall be judged, — and justified or condemned.” Church Manual, Article VIII, Sect. 6

    A covenant with God suggested at our classes is a tremendous tool to have the stick to it attitude to keep the straight path. This was a beautiful lesson. Thank you!

    in reply to: "Wonderfully Sustained by Truth" Part 1 #12395

    “I read Science and Health, p. 189, and we ceased to concern ourselves about our safety but left that entirely with God.” (line from testimony)

    Words on page 189 for 1900 S.& H. 183rd edition
    “The vapid fury of mortal mind, expressed in earthquake, wind, wave, lightning, fire, bestial ferocity, shows this so-called mind to be self-destructive. They counterfeit divine justice, and are called, feit force in the Scriptures, ” the anger of the Lord.” Really they signify His justice, in the self-destruction of error, and point to its opposite, the strength and permanency of Truth, whose supremacy is ever asserting itself. Christian Science brings to light Truth and its supremacy, universal harmony, the entireness of God, Good, and the nothingness of evil.”

    Corresponding Words on page 293 for 1910 S.& H. 
    “There is no vapid fury of mortal mind — expressed in earthquake, wind, wave, lightning, fire, bestial ferocity — and this so-called mind is self-destroyed. The manifestations of evil, which counterfeit divine justice, are called in the Scriptures, “The anger of the Lord.” In reality, they show the self destruction of error or matter and point to matter’s opposite, the strength and permanency of Spirit.Christian Science brings to light Truth and its supremacy, universal harmony, the entireness of God,good, and the nothingness of evil.”

    in reply to: "Blessed is he…" #12276

    Thank for this post.

    From the NIV translation:
    “And he added, “God blesses those who do not fall away because of me.” (Strong’s Greek 4624: to entrap, i.e. Trip up or entice to sin, apostasy or displeasure)

    Amplified Bible:
    “And blessed [joyful, favored by God] is he who does not take offense at Me [accepting Me as the Messiah and trusting confidently in My message of salvation].”

    Contemporary English Version:
    “God will bless everyone who doesn’t reject me because of what I do.”

    Pulpit Commentary:
    “Verse 6. – And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended (Matthew 5:29, note) in me; shall find none occasion of stumbling in me (Revised Version). But exhibits perfect trust under delay and disappointment (James 1:12).”

    Peter while very imperfect was a model of not turning away although receiving fierce rebukes, falling away, not always understanding what Jesus meant, and making mistakes. He also was the one who responded to Jesus’ question whether they would leave like the others, “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.” This speaks to me of keeping the fire burning and the spirit alive in our hearts. His response feels like gratitude to me for he must be thinking of all he has seen, felt, and heard. Thank you Lesson writers.

    in reply to: The basis of thought. #12089

    There is so much pressure to give up this Science of the Christ and concede to prevailing thought. Mrs. Eddy instructs us, “Christian Scientists must live under the constant pressure of the apostolic command to come out from the material world and be separate. They must renounce aggression, oppression and the pride of power. Christianity, with the crown of Love upon her brow, must be their queen of life.” S. & H., page 451

    I took some time to make a list of things that challenge my thought to give up and not stand for, “perfect God and perfect man, — as the basis of thought and demonstration.” Having suffered greatly for allowing my thought to be managed by others in order to keep the peace I am grateful for the lessons I have learned at Plainfield church on, “how to maintain independent thought.” This has been slowly allowing me to also stand up to other thought impositions. This is a tremendous gift.

    in reply to: "And let us not be weary in well doing:" #12056

    “Facing the Wind”From Charles Spurgeon:

    “Instead of bringing a railing accusation against churches as they are, the best thing is for everyone of us to do his best in the sight of God to make them what they should be, by seeking our own personal sanctification and endeavoring that the influence of a holy life shall, in our case, help to leaven the rest of the mass.

    “Paul turns from the consideration of those who had grieved him in the church to speak to the rest of the brethren, and he says to them, ‘But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.’ In expounding these words we shall, first, notice that our text contains a summary of Christian life; it is called ‘well doing.’ Secondly, we shall see it gives out a very distinct warning against weariness; and it hints at some of the causes of weariness in the Christian life. In the third place, I shall close the discourse by giving some arguments to meet the reasoning of our soul when, at times, it seems to plead its own weariness as an excuse.

    “Well doing is attending to the duties that arise out of our relationships in life — attending carefully to them, and seeing that in nothing we are eye-servers and men-pleasers, but in everything are seeking to serve God. I know it is difficult to make people feel that such simple and ordinary things as these are well doing.

    “Away with superstition! Kill it, by counting every place to be holy, and every day to be holy, and every action that you perform to be a part of the high priesthood to which the Lord Jesus Christ has called every soul that he has washed in his precious blood.

    – Everything is well doing that is done in obedience to the divine command.

    – Again, everything that is done out of love to God is well doing.

    – well doing includes that which we do in divine strength.

    “Some of you could take a high degree in criticizing admirably everybody else that does anything, and putting your own hands into your pockets and keeping them there. Well-talking also is a great deal more common than well doing.”

    in reply to: All good is possible to Spirit. #12004

    Possible with God
    by Parthens

    “Luke 18:27 — The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

    Thank you, and thanks to the lesson writer, for the reminder that whenever I find myself in especially challenging circumstances I can follow Mrs. Eddy’s example and recall the Bible’s description of how Principle dealt with the problem of an earth seemingly engulfed in error, without form, waste and void, with darkness upon the face of deep, unruly waters. Principle does not magically wish difficult circumstances away, but is eternally telling its totally different story in spite of them. Thus, the Truth-story of “Let there be light” and creation silences the lying story of darkness and waste, as though it never were. The first chapter of Genesis, thanks to Mrs. Eddy’s monumental revelation, tells us that the weapons of Principle are practical, always close-at-hand for me to use to decimate the strongholds of the enemies of Light.

    Click on here to read full post, “Possible with God.”

    in reply to: “The Messiah" by Handel #11952

    “After Handel received the libretto to ‘The Messiah,’ made up entirely of sacred scripture, he was inspired to take no action whatsoever, but instead decided to devote his attention to God for a season. … Later, Handel testified that during those 3 days he had been taken to heaven, ‘absent from the body, present with the Lord’ in a state of continual Christ-consciousness. After that experience, he wrote the massive score of ‘The Messiah’ in just 21 days. He never charged a penny for any of the performances, insisting that the work was not his: that he was only the secretary of heaven’s musical dictation.” by Parthens

    in reply to: Prayer and Fasting #11785

    “Science is absolute, and best understood through the study of my works and the daily Christian demonstration thereof. It is their materiality that clogs the progress of students, and ‘this kind goeth not forth but by prayer and fasting.’ It is materialism through which the animal magnetizer preys, and in turn becomes a prey. Spirituality is the basis of all true thought and volition. Assembling themselves together, and listening to each other amicably, or contentiously, is no aid to students in acquiring solid Christian Science. Experience and, above all, obedience, are the aids and tests of growth and understanding in this direction. With love, MARY B. G. EDDY, from Miscellaneous Writings page 156

    “Jesus said to his disciples, ‘This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting,’ but he did not appoint a fast. Merely to abstain from eating was not sufficient to meet his demand. The animus of his saying was: Silence appetites, passion, and all that wars against Spirit and spiritual power.” by Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellany page 339

    in reply to: A proper "cleanse" #11742

    Thank you for this post!

    “Sanctify … make holy, … to prepare for divine service.

    “The Lord shall establish thee an holy people unto himself,” Deuteronomy 28

    “Establish: To fix firmly or unalterably; to settle permanently.” (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary)

    During the November 15th, 2020 Roundtable, Be ye holy, for I am holy the concept of “wedding garment” was shared. The idea that when we indulge in attitudes such as making excuses we take the wedding garment off. It was read that Mrs. Eddy once said, “…One of the best cures I ever performed was, apparently, under the most adverse circumstances. I had spent one year of incessant toil upon the [manuscript] of my book, Science and Health, and put it into the hands of a printer for publication, who, I found, had allowed it to be taken from his possession, and I was thus obliged to return, in the sackcloth of disappointment, without it. A student soon called desiring me to assist in a case that was dying. I put on the wedding garments at once and healed the case in twenty minutes.” from Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer Amplified Edition by Yvonne Cache von Fettweis

    I am grateful for the many instructions we are given to help us put on the wedding garment to be prepared for “divine service” and also that God has established us “an holy” people. My job is to live it. This story also reminded me of the many sacrifices Mrs. Eddy made for the world to have this Science of the Christ and gives courage to keep on in adverse situations.

    in reply to: Reign and Rein #11707

    Thank you… “Truth and Love have sovereign power in the real man and Truth and Love control and direct the real man’s path.”

    Reign also includes “authority; to exercise government, or to hold the supreme power.”

    “…man is immortal and lives by divine authority.” From Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy (page 76)

    “Authority: … power, or a right to command or to act; Power; rule; sway. Government; to prevail.” (Websters 1828 Dictionary)

    I am grateful for this Lesson. I have been using the line from Science and Health to hold in thought. My life is “by divine authority.” Truth and Love is all that has the right to act or direct, the only sovereign power and control over me. Truth and Love prevail. So I have divine authority over all that would claim any scenario or government unlike God in my life or anyone’s life. No “what ifs!”

    in reply to: The former conversation. #11342

    “You are always talking to yourself, and much of the time, if not careful, you are saying what is not true — how old you are getting, how useless you are, how discouraged you feel, and how much you suffer. Every time you think or declare one of these untruths, you add to the mesmerism which is already weighing you down. You would not make another person have any of these distresses, and surely, God would not. Stop telling yourself these lies. Refuse to think or argue this way, because every time you do so, you take into mentality that which will work against your welfare.” How Can You Help Yourself? by Peter V. Ross

    in reply to: Abide in the vine. #11290

    At a recent Roundtable titled, “Remain in Me, and You Will Bear Abundant Fruit” it was instructed, “You don’t get fruit on your own. You can try to strive to produce fruit but it you will not succeed. We are the branches on the vine, the Christ consciousness. God gives us fruit. Call the sap that flows from the vine the Holy Ghost. It flows to us but we must remain in the vine by abiding by and practicing the precepts of Christ Jesus. This is following his life example.” (from my jottings)

    Each week we have these tremendous Bible Lessons and classes to help us “abide” in the vine. The Sunday August 23rd, 2020 Roundtable instructed, when we label ourselves and others with the pictures of sin, disease, and death, it opens the door for it to become our identity “as a man thinketh”. By insisting on this identity then it becomes a conviction. We were told that this resistance or harden heart can only be dissolved by divine Love as found in this Science of the Christ. No one can “abide” for me but as I “abide” in the Word I am finding the promise from Science and Health, “The eternal Truth destroys what mortals seem to have learned from error, and man’s real existence as a child of God comes to light.” (page 288) bringing freedom from these ungodlike convictions in my life and others lives.

    in reply to: God is always everywhere. #11168

    This reminded me of a poem printed in our July 2019 Love is the Liberator:

    “I arise today
    Through the strength of heaven;
    Light of the sun, Splendor of fire,
    Speed of lightning, Swiftness of the wind,
    Depth of the sea, Stability of the earth,
    Firmness of the rock.
    I arise today
    Through God’s strength to pilot me;
    God’s might to uphold me, God’s wisdom to guide me,
    God’s eye to look before me, God’s ear to hear me,
    God’s word to speak for me, God’s hand to guard me,
    God’s way to lie before me, God’s shield to protect me,
    God’s hosts to save me, Afar and anear,
    Alone or in a multitude.
    Christ shield me today
    Against wounding,
    Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
    Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
    Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
    Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,
    Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
    Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
    Christ in the eye that sees me,
    Christ in the ear that hears me.
    I arise today
    Through the mighty strength
    Of the Lord of creation.”
    — “The Deer’s Cry” by Saint Patrick in the year 433 AD

    in reply to: Quietness of heart. #11042

    How can I not be quieted with all that God is.
    “Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens;
    …thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.
    Thy righteousness is like the great mountains;
    thy judgments are a great deep:
    …thou preservest man and beast.
    How excellent is thy lovingkindness,
    …men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.
    They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house;
    …thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures.
    For with thee is the fountain of life:
    in thy light shall we see light.”
    Psalm 36 : 5-9

    in reply to: "Have No Wide Fears For Earth" #10928

    “No matter how wide the gap may grow, the mighty wings of the Angel of Christian Science are wide enough, broad enough, high enough, enduring enough to fill it.”

    Thank you for this post. This last line was especially comforting. With the attack on Christianity at the level it is today it helps me to be reminded of the golden thread running through the ages showing God working in the lives of those willing to sacrifice their comfort for the greater good, sometimes unexpected individuals and of course His remnant.

    One of the things since coming to Plainfield that has blessed my life is learning about the history of Christian Science and Mrs.Eddy especially from the Carpenter collection. As the veil of ignorance lifted I had a greater appreciation, understanding and love for her and what she did for all of mankind. Below is an excerpt from Precepts 4:
    “When Mary Beecher Longyear moved to Brookline, she asked Mrs. Eddy to recommend a student to whom she might turn in time of need. Our Leader declined to do so, telling her to select one who knew Christian Science history. The deduction is that a knowledge of how error attacked Mrs. Eddy and the Cause down through the years, would give a worker an advantage in handling error for another, beyond what an understanding of Science gained through a mere study of the textbook would give. He would learn the more subtle modes of error’s activities, and be aware of its claims, as it had been apparently successful for a time dogging Mrs. Eddy’s footsteps, until she was able to see its nothingness.”

    In thinking about all that is going on with the statues in our nation it made me realize that this is part of the history that lead up to Mrs. Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science in 1865. To wantonly destroy a history is to wipe out lessons learned, appreciation for the sacrifices made by individuals and hardships endured. To lose steps taken by those striving for liberty, freedom to worship God, etc. Getting rid of the way-marks would be error’s attempt to destroy the Truth. Just as the ecclesiastical element operating in the Christian Science movement tried to separate Mrs. Eddy from her Church after she left us.
    So many people prepared the way, such as those in Europe who sacrificed lives to translate the Bible for all mankind, individuals separating from ecclesiastical control, the pilgrim’s search for a place to freely worship God, a desire to be free from a monarchy that lead to the forming of a republic in America that was Biblically based. The love for God and trust in His Providence upheld them. All this prepared the way for the “Comforter” Jesus promised, found in Divine Science which Mrs. Eddy discovered, taught and sacrificed much for all mankind. Just like the many events that lead up Jesus coming on earth. To lose any of it would to be to wipe out the golden thread of God working in our lives.

    in reply to: Poor use of memory. #10893

    “Told about some friends calling on Mrs. Eddy one day, and a servant told them she was in the back yard. They went around the house, and seeing Mrs. Eddy seemed to be busy, they started away; but she called to them to come to her, and then asked them if they knew what she was doing. They replied they didn’t, and then she said, ‘I am going back in my memory just as far as I can remember and denying all the error that ever seemed to happen to me.’ It is poor use of memory to review error. The real man has no memory of evil.” from 1937 College by Bicknell Young, page 12

    in reply to: Draw nigh to God. #10763

    “It is good for us to draw nigh unto God in prayer. Our minds are grieved to see so little attention given to united prayer by many churches. How can we expect a blessing if we are too idle to ask for it? How can we look for a Pentecost if we never meet with one another, in one place, to wait upon the Lord? Brethren, we shall never see much change for the better in our churches till the prayer meeting occupies a higher place in the esteem of Christians. But now that we have come together, how shall we pray? Let us not degenerate into formality, or we shall be dead while we think we live. Let us not waiver through unbelief, or we shall pray in vain. Oh, for great faith with which to offer great prayers! … Urgently do we need a revival of personal godliness. This is, indeed, the secret of church prosperity. When individuals fall from their steadfastness, the church is tossed to and fro; when personal faith is steadfast, the church abides true to her Lord. It is upon the truly godly and spiritual that the future of religion depends in the hand of God. Oh, for more truly holy men, quickened and filled with the Holy Spirit, consecrated to the Lord and sanctified by His truth. Brethren, we must each one live if the church is to be alive; we must live unto God if we expect to see the pleasure of the Lord prospering in our hands. Sanctified men are the salt of society and the saviours of the race.” from ‘The Kind of Revival We Need’ by Charles Spurgeon

    in reply to: "my sin is ever before me" #10574

    “By having these errors exposed by Nathan, they came out front and center be handled and self-destroyed. Therefore David seeking to have his sin ever before him was not about giving it power, but having any and all sins exposed and ready to be handled.”

    From our Lesson this week we are instructed, “Lust, malice, and all sorts of evil are diseased beliefs, and you can destroy them only by destroying the wicked motives which produce them. … Choke these errors in their early stages, if you would not cherish an army of conspirators against health, happiness, and success.” Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, page 404

    I can see that if I don’t have, “my sin is ever before me” then I do not choke (handle) the error that plagues me.

    Choke: To stop; to obstruct; to check growth, expansion, or progress; as, to choke the spreading of the fruit. To be offended; to take exceptions. (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary)

    This Lesson has given me a greater understanding of why my previous attempts to handle sins failed since I did not recognize or destroy the motive behind them. Like the pharisee that is self deceived by outward actions but does not destroy the sin. It seems the pain of exposure is much kinder than, “…an army of conspirators against health, happiness, and success.” The more I read Mrs. Eddy’s works under the clear teaching at Plainfield the more I see her many warnings to handle error before it controls us.

    Thank you for the Lesson this week.

    in reply to: I shall be satisfied. #10547

    It is a beautiful prayer by Mrs. Eddy. It was chosen and read by Florence for our prayer at the beginning of last Sunday’s Roundtable. If you want to hear it read click on this link When Men Are Cast Down, There is Lifting Up.

    in reply to: Fathfulness, our loyalty to God. #10454

    Thank you! In reading this post it brought to thought the sepulchre story in our Lesson this week.

    I never thought much before how different the reactions to the angel were between the women disciples and the keepers of the grave. I am sure it was the faithfulness and pure affection (heart, soul, and mind) of the women for the Christ that they left with great joy and shared the message that Christ Jesus had risen! So different than the keepers who shook and become “as dead men” This quality of thought in the women enable them to speak to the angel and get the message “fear not.” I am sure this gave them great courage during this time.

    Matthew 28 : 1-10
    “And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:

    And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.

    And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen …

    And they (Mary Magdalene and the other Mary) departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.”

    in reply to: "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage,…" #9992

    Thank you for your post. I am finding great comfort in the Biblical promise in our Golden Text this week. It tells us that God “shall strengthen thine heart” not my job to do it or another person’s job but God will take care of it as I trust and obey Him.

    “Be of good courage — Keep up thy spirits in the midst of thy greatest dangers and difficulties: let thy heart be fixed, trusting in God, and thy mind stayed on him, and then none of these things will move thee; wait, I say, on the Lord — Whatever thou doest, grow not remiss or careless in thy attendance upon God, but keep close to him and thy duty.” (Benson Commentary)

    The definition of strength was shared during our January 12th, 2020 Roundtable.
    “Strength: Firmness; solidity; toughness; power of resisting attacks; power of vigor; confidence.” (Websters 1828 Dictionary)
    I am grateful for the helpful instruction that went with it also.

    in reply to: Improving the great blessings. #9964

    “If Christ Jesus were to walk our streets would he be so
    much pleased with the beautiful church edifices, and with
    the honor in which his name is universally held, as with the
    fact that his followers were able to make good his promises
    and were able to relieve others of weakness and weariness,
    sorrow and suffering, sickness and sin?”
    Christian Science Journal September 1900

    in reply to: "…and the LORD talked with Moses" #9913

    Thank you for this post and the gems you have been sharing on the forum!
    Another line from the same section in our Lesson adds, “Lord spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.” Exodus 33 : 11
    To me it was a beautiful thought that the Christ within was as a friend. Mrs. Eddy tells us to make God a friend and it is modeled at this church. I happen to come across the selection below by Peter V. Ross. I thought it was a great example of how a friend would communicate with you.

    “How Can You Help Yourself?
    Tell yourself, and do so frequently, that you are the temple of the living God, the place of health, strength, freedom, and buoyancy, and confidence. Say to yourself, “I am the temple of the living God; the Lord is in his holy temple, let this world of pain and trouble be still. I am eternal Life on exhibition. I am the place where all-knowing Mind is diffusing courage, wisdom, resourcefulness, keenness of vision, and soundness of judgment. I just have no capacity for failure or sickness.”
    You are always talking to yourself, and much of the time, if not careful, you are saying what is not true — how old you are getting, how useless you are, how discouraged you feel, and how much you suffer. Every time you think or declare one of these untruths, you add to the mesmerism which is already weighing you down. You would not make another person have any of these distresses, and surely God would not. Stop telling yourself these lies. Refuse to think or argue this way, because every time you do so you take into mentality that which will work against your welfare.
    The Creator has not made this dream world of weariness, sickness, depression, and you are not deceived by it. Your vision is so clear that you can look right through it and see, beyond, a world of health and dominion.”
    So I can ask myself is this thought how a true friend, the Christ within, would speak to me? If not I have the right to reject it immediately!

    in reply to: "… be present in your thoughts." #9631

    “Mrs. Eddy once said, ’Error says we are sick or discouraged; we don’t say it. It is error talking about itself. If we admit it, we have accepted a lie.‛ … ‘I must know that the definition of man in Science and Health applies to me. I am that spiritual man; I am God’s image and likeness, reflecting a full, perfect image of Life, Mind, action, etc., not under material laws or limitations.‛” from 500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter, Watch 143

    in reply to: Awake, Awake #9452

    “Awake listen and obey. … Mrs. Eddy has given us the Little Book to guide us with the Bible .. more we cannot ask … it is right here just as it was with Jesus if we pay attention.” – Thank you for this reminder and your post.

    Websters 1828 Dictionary
    Awake: To bestir, revive or rouse from a state of inaction; to be invigorated with new life; as, the mind awakes from its stupidity. To rouse from spiritual sleep.(Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. Ephesians 5:14.) (Awake to righteousness. 1 Corinthians 15:34.)

    “…awakening from this mortal dream, or illusion, will bring us into health, holiness, and immortality. This awakening is the forever coming of Christ, the advanced appearing of Truth, which casts out error and heals the sick.” – Citation 4 from Lesson, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 230

    Thank you to the Lesson writer.

    in reply to: which are God’s #8700

    For Staying on the Straight and Narrow
    by Doris W. Evans

    The following were among the things that Mrs. Evans gave us to use each day to help stay on “the straight and narrow.”

    First thing in the morning, “before your feet hit the floor”:

    God is Mind. God is my mind. God is the only pure Mind.
    God is Life. God is my life. God is the only Life.
    I am a law unto myself that mental malpractice cannot harm me, either when asleep or when awake. (from S&H)
    As you continue your preparations for the day, run through the three Daily Duties listed at the bottom of the Full- text Lesson – from the Church Manual.

    Prior to reading the Lesson, pray that God open your heart to hear what He has to say to you today. Take some thought from the Lesson to use during the day – write it on a piece of paper to have with you.

    During the day, have the three statements of Christ Jesus on your lips, repeating as necessary:

    “I and my Father are one. The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works. The Father hath not left me alone.” (Jesus)

    Each day, read 5 pages of S&H, 5 pages of Misc. Wr., 5 pages of the Bible, or whatever you can schedule.

    In the evening, before sleep, go over the day. Thank God for blessings – it is helpful to keep a list. Then ask God if there is anything you might have done better.

    Finally, “Into Thine hand I commit my spirit; Thou hast redeemed me, O LORD God of truth.” (Ps. 31:5) before closing your eyes for the night.

    in reply to: Go in peace #8628

    Chapter 12 of Christian Science Practice in Science and Health begins with this beautiful story. Here Mrs. Eddy writes on page 363, “She bathed his feet with her tears before she anointed them with the oil. In the absence of other proofs, was her grief sufficient evidence to warrant the expectation of her repentance, reformation, and growth in wisdom? Certainly there was encouragement in the mere fact that she was showing her affection for a man of undoubted goodness and purity, who has since been rightfully regarded as the best man that ever trod this planet. Her reverence was unfeigned, and it was manifested towards one who was soon, though they knew it not, to lay down his mortal existence in behalf of all sinners, that through his word and works they might be redeemed from sensuality and sin.”

    in reply to: whose spirit there is no guile #8585

    “How should I undertake to demonstrate Christian Science in healing the sick?
    Be honest, be true to thyself, and true to others; then it follows thou wilt be strong in God, the eternal good.” by Mary Baker Eddy, Rudimental Divine Science, page 8

    in reply to: by prayer and fasting #8458

    Today I came across the following:
    “13 Therefore prepare your minds for action. Be sober-minded. Set your hope fully on the grace to be given you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. 14 As obedient children do not conform to the passions of your former ignorance. 15 But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do, 16 for it is written: ‘Be holy, because I am holy.’“! Peter 1: 13-16 Berean Bible Translation

    Sober: habitually temperate. (Live a sober righteous and godly life.) Not intoxicated or overpowered; not drunken; not wild, heated with passion; calm; not under the influence of passion.

    We were instructed at the last Roundtable April 7th, Study To Be Quiet, to “be still” and “listen to God.” To “incorporate this discipline and important exercise of being quiet into our lives.”

    All this speaks to me of the importance of sober thinking so that I am not carried away with passions which are full of self and reaction which is focused on the outward. It is no wonder the devil would have us busy, noisy, racing in mind and body, and distracted to keep us from hearing God’s messages.

    “There is no death, no inaction, diseased action, overaction, nor reaction.” Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 427

    in reply to: Allow Nothing But His Likeness To Abide In Thy Thought #8426

    “In Gal. 5 we are given the things of Spirit which we MUST fill our thoughts with and the evil thoughts that we must purge from our thinking: ‘… 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, …23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.’
    The things of the Spirit allows his likeness to abide in our thinking!”

    Thank you very much for this post!

    The following was given at the last Roundtable from the Blue Book by Mrs. Eddy:
    “Rules for overcoming animal magnetism:
    1. See what it is trying to do.
    2. Know that it cannot do it.
    3. See that it is not done.

    To accomplish this:
    I. Be patient.
    2. Be meek.
    3. Be vigilant.
    4. Be sober.
    5. Be loving.”
    — from Divinity Course and General Collectanea, (the “Blue Book”), by Mary Baker Eddy, page 170

    This post is a helpful and practical example of how to be obedient to this instruction.

    “Purge: To cleanse, remove what is offensive; get rid of, to sweep away impurities.
    Fill: to put or pour in, till the thing will hold no more, store; to supply with abundance.” (Websters 1828)

    Purge thought of hate and fill thought with the fruit of the Spirit, “Against such there is not law” so I can “…be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake.” (Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 442)

    I am so grateful for the continual explanations and examples that are given at Plainfield.

    in reply to: They That Murmured #8193

    “…Just for today I will know that I have strength to meet and conquer every claim of error, and that under the guidance of divine Principle I will be led to throw open the door for the entrance of Truth; and know that through that same door error is cast forth. Then with a sweet sense of God’s nearness I will know that yesterday has gone, and left no bitterness, and that today is big with blessings, that tomorrow belongs to God; and to realize this today eliminates all worry and pain and trouble, and brings us peace and happiness.” by Mary Baker Eddy, Blue Book p. 159

    in reply to: Give You Another Comforter #7867

    COMFORT (Webster’s 1828)
    “To strengthen; to invigorate; to cheer or enliven, to console; to give new vigor to the spirits; to relieve from depression, or trouble.
    The title of the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name–he shall teach you all things. John 14:16.”

    Before Plainfield I thought this Comforter was going to bring me a sense of ease, absence of difficulty or effort, no problems. I did not realize that this was impossible because I was seeking ease in sin. It turned out that I needed to face evil; not hide, avoid or run away from it as I was trying to do. This requires understanding how evil operates, how to handle it (prove it’s nothingness) and keeping a spiritually active thought. In fact by ignoring evil I was allowing it to continue. This has been proven each time when I practice the practical Christian Science taught here, where I am finding that even when it seems hard to face evil, there is a strength, peace, and comfort when evil is uncovered and destroyed.

    “This spirit of God is made manifest in the flesh, healing and saving men, —it is the Christ, Comforter, “which taketh away the sin of the world;” and yet Christ is rejected of men! The evil in human nature foams at the touch of good; it crieth out, “Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, . . . ? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.” The Holy Spirit takes of the things of God and showeth them unto the creature; and these things being spiritual, they disturb the carnal and destroy it; they are revolutionary, reformatory, and —now, as aforetime —they cast out evils and heal the sick. …for the spirit giveth him liberty: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” By Mary Baker Eddy, 1901 p.8

    in reply to: Story of Zacharias #7724

    “Abel takes his offering from the firstlings of the flock. A lamb is a more animate form of existence, and more nearly resembles a mind-offering than does Cain’s fruit. Jealous of his brother’s gift, Cain seeks Abel’s life, instead of making his own gift a higher tribute to the Most High. …Had God more respect for the homage bestowed through a gentle animal than for the worship expressed by Cain’s fruit? No; but the lamb was a more spiritual type of even the human concept of Love than the herbs of the ground could be.”
    by Mary Baker Eddy from Science and Health p.540-541  

    We were admonished today in our Bible study on Zacharias and Elizabeth to watch that jealousy not creep into our thinking. Mrs. Eddy teaches that our response should be to make our, “own gift a higher tribute to the Most High.”

    in reply to: Warfare in Science #7662

    To go with this topic you can listen to a class we had regarding putting on A Christian’s Armor, June 3, 2017.

    in reply to: Jeremiah and prophecy #7642

    Jeremiah suffered greatly bringing God’s message to Judah, warning of the consequences of turning their collective back on God. He is called the “weeping prophet.” He was maligned and rejected by most of Judah even while they were in captivity. Jeremiah writes, “Then I said, I will not make mention of Him, nor speak any more in His name. But His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.”(20:9) He wants to give up but because of his love for God and man he could not help but continue he, “could not stay”.
    Jeremiah wrote to a remanent in captivity and did reach some hearts. One being his contemporary Daniel, see Jeremiah 29. Daniel writes, “…I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem. And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes:And I prayed unto the Lord my God,…”(Daniel 9) We did a Bible study on “Daniel’s Prayer”, April 29th, 2017.

    in reply to: Adam dream #7540

    These quotes have been very helpful and instructive for me:

    “After people have studied Mrs. Eddy’s works, they are then ready to learn that Christian Science is not a religion in the sense of worshiping God, since Christian Science teaches man how to reflect God, which is certainly not the old conception of worship, where worship consists in adoring that which somebody else has. It is undeniable, that such a notion is not the scientific process, whereby man avails himself of the divine power in a practical way.”
    Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Footsteps by Carpenter, Chapter 114

    “The entire purpose of our services is to lift from people their human thinking, and to give them in its place the thought of God. Everything in the service is designed to contribute to this end; but the entire service will be balanced on the right side only when students take up the ‘work of realizing scientifically that there is no human mind, that there is but one Mind, and that this Mind’ animates and permeates every individual present; that divine Mind is the only Mind they have ever had or ever could have or wish for, and that no such thing as animal magnetism exists to reverse this good work or to prevent it from accomplishing its mission. They must know that God indeed dwells in the church and that everyone can be, and is conscious of His presence; that they feel His love and nothing else.” by Carpenter, Precepts 5

    in reply to: Lovest thou me? #7498

    Thank you for sharing this. While doing some research regarding the Original Mother Church I came across a letter Mrs. Eddy wrote addressing how church members should treat one another that was then published in the Journal during her time. It fits in with what Jesus was doing for Peter.

    “…be governed therein by the spirit and the letter of this
    Scripture : ‘Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto
    you, do ye even so to them.’

    “I cannot be the conscience for this church. But if I were,
    I would gather every reformed sinner that desired to come,
    into its fold, and counsel and help them to walk in the foot­
    steps of His flock. I feel sure that as Christian Scientists
    you will act relative to this matter up to your highest under­
    standing of justice and mercy. ”
    Affectionately yours,
    Concord, N. H., Feb. 12, 1895.

    in reply to: Be silent, O all flesh #7224

    “The Science of Life, overshadowing Paul’s sense of life in matter, so far extinguished the latter as forever to quench his love for it. The discipline of the flesh is designed to turn one, like a weary traveller, to the home of Love. To lose error thus, is to live in Christ, Truth.” by Mary Baker Eddy from Miscellaneous Writings p. 33

    in reply to: purposed in his heart #7179

    Thinking about Daniel gave me a deeper appreciation of our Daily Duties

    “…pray each day: “Thy kingdom come;” let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin;…” Church Manual, Article VIII, Sect. 4

    “…divine Love alone governs man; … The members of this Church should daily watch and pray to be delivered from all evil, from prophesying, judging, condemning, counseling, influencing or being influenced erroneously.”
    Church Manual, Article VIII, Sect. 1

    ” .. and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind. …”
    Church Manual, Article VIII, Sect. 6

    in reply to: Fear to offend God #6996

    I appreciate more the line from Mrs. Eddy’s article “Taking Offense
    “…determined not to be offended when no wrong is meant, nor even when it is, unless the offense be against God. Nothing short of our own errors should offend us.” Miscellaneous Writings, p. 224

    in reply to: Spiritual affection #6968

    Many years ago I worked as a Christian Science Nurse. I was well taught on how to physically care for the sick but there was a great lack in how to handle animal magnetism which opposes true healing. This understanding is necessary as we can learn from reading Gilbert Carpenter’s book, “Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Footsteps” which is about working in Mrs. Eddy’s home. It provides clear explanation of how to live and demonstrate Christian Science daily and how to handle animal magnetism (that which is opposed to God). Not long ago I had an opportunity to provide nursing care for a person who was under the care of a Plainfield practitioner. I used what I have learned here and got Plainfield practitioner support during this time. The results for both of us demonstrated to me the truth in what is taught here. Before coming here my care was focused on person, making others happy, comfortable, and meeting their demands. This perpetuated dependence on person and matter rather turning to God. This was not “taking no thought for the body”(Matt. 6:5) Carpenter teaches that it is the thought behind the action that matters. Animal magnetism hides behind what seems to us as good. Paul reminds us, “…though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.”(1 Cor. 13) I am learning that Paul did not mean a human sense of love but Christly affection.

    “An ill-tempered, complaining, or deceitful person should not be a nurse. The nurse should be cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, — receptive to Truth and Love.” Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy p. 395

    in reply to: meekness and living the commandments #6916

    I came across this profound lesson about Moses by Mrs. Eddy. It shows the integrity and meekness needed so that this Science Mrs. Eddy gave us does not become faith cure and corrupted.

    “Moses would have been a necromancer, or mesmerist, had not God equipped him with the spirit of the Ten Commandments, which made him a law to himself, that was a prohibition to evil. Truth, Life and Love guided Moses, and this awakened understanding left him not a trickster, to cajole, or to wrong his race. Moses could not abuse the power that immortal and unerring Mind, not the erring and mortal, confers. Abiding by the Ten Commandments, the servant of God, commissioned to do good, cannot trespass on the rights of mind, cannot steal its treasures, or kill its joys any more than it can be a thief of material things, and a murderer. The power of Moses, of Prophet, and of Apostle to heal the sick was Christian Science, not mesmerism or the malpractice of mind that breaks the Ten Commandments, is an outlaw, a secret assassin, trespassing on the secret thoughts, and intermeddling with the most sacred rights of mind. The primitive Christians’ demonstrations of the power of Mind were limited to divine Science that should govern all phenomena, since it gives harmony to all and discord to none.” by Mary Baker Eddy from Bible Lessons and Sermonettes in Essays and Other Footprints (Red Book p. 117) Compiled by Richard Oakes

    Mrs. Eddy once said of her secretary, “Calvin (Frye) is invaluable to me in my work, because he would not break one of the commandments.”

    “For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:” Proverbs 6

    in reply to: come out of the dark #6868

    “That’s why it is essential to recognize and appreciate those who set the right example for us and have the love and courage to teach us what they know of God.”

    Thank you Gary for your post and the clarifying instructions. This helped me better understand how things have gone awry with Jesus’ teachings. I also have a better appreciation for Gilbert Carpenter’s writings regarding Mary Baker Eddy and what she was teaching us.

    in reply to: come out of the dark #6857

    This section in our lesson from the Bible struck me this week since we have been learning more about Mrs. Eddy’s place in prophecy. In this recorded event we see the Pharisees’ thought that rejects Jesus as appointed by God, and Jesus addressees this thought as that which was judging “after the flesh.” This same thought that could deny the light, proof and blessing that was shining right in front of it. Because they did not believe on him (Jesus) and attend to his “Word”, they did not experience the light Jesus was sharing freely for their salvation. The same type of thought that would reject Mrs. Eddy’s place as revelator to this age and that Jesus promised was coming. It shows the depravity of the human mind. So many ways Jesus and Mrs. Eddy teach us to put off the human mind and Paul says, “…put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts.” (Eph. 4:22) Now I appreciate more the need to put off the old man if I want to see the healing light, continue in the “Word”, and not walk in darkness as our lesson brings out this week and is taught in weekly classes here.

    in reply to: pure in heart #6774

    I am grateful to be learning here how to make practical the teachings of Jesus such as, “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” (Sermon on the Mount) Telling the truth about the lie requires honesty, getting out of our comfort zone, burning of pride, willingness to ask for help and taking correction. One of the gifts of doing this is a greater understanding of God and the peace that goes with it. This has been requiring me to face problems rather than glossing over them, avoiding them, or pushing them down. I am beginning to understand why evil, error, wrong, needs to be exposed and destroyed in order to purify the heart and “see God.”

    in reply to: God's law uncovers #5792

    At our Roundtable we reviewed how excuses interfere with our growth. I realized that excuses can used to avoid the discomfort of the burning process. It was helpful to review this habit that takes us off the path.
    A article titled, Alibis and Excuses can be found in Addresses by Martha Wilcox in the Chapter titled, Definition of Intelligence.

    Some of the things I have learned here that I am grateful for are: excuses are intolerable, don’t judge, no comparisons, don’t complain, honesty heals, watch ruts, keep moving on, make a covenant with God. I can’t imagine, anymore, going over this once a year such as association now that I have seen the blessings in my life of these weekly classes.

    in reply to: Girdeth me with strength #4837

    Thank you for this important reminder. I grateful for all that I am learning here to get personal will and sense out of the way. These lessons are helping me to be aware when I am operating on auto pilot, not paying attention, which sets me up for absorbing negative thinking rather than radiating thoughts from God. Instead of just praying in the morning and waiting to the end of the day to check in with God, leaving a great gap, I am working more diligently on keeping that connection throughout the day. This has been requiring great discipline and getting myself out of the way. Learning from the mistakes helps me grow too.

    I came across this today while cleaning up my files. It was published as a quote in the Sept. 1888 Journal.

    “To be dependent on others for sympathy and comfort makes you weak. To be self-dependent makes you weaker still; for that fails you in the day of your greatest need. To become independent is a dream of your pride; for no such thing is possible. To become dependent on God makes you strong.” E. H. SEARS

    in reply to: The One Ego #4723

    Thank you. This citation was given to me to think about this week by a Plainfield practitioner. To understand our spiritual individuality is necessary. I came across an early article that I took some excerpts out that helped me with this subject.

    “To every one who studies Christian Science, this choice is sooner or later presented: individuality versus personality.
    When we are first told: “You must get rid of will, and of personal aims and desires,” those of us who have a strong sense of our own personality are seized with a dread of losing our individuality,…. The question is an­swered as we begin to grasp more clearly the idea of man’s individuality.
    We cannot look in two directions at once. Personality and individuality are antipodes. The individual man is the man of God’s creating, the man made in the image and like­ness of Good.
    The individual is not developed from the person; they are absolutely opposed, and it is only as we destroy our sense of personality, that the individuality of ourselves and others can appear to us. Personality will obscure individuality till the glorious day comes when the false sense of things will disappear forever; ‘when the sense-dreams vanish, and reality appears’ (S. & H. p. 312).” Individuality VS. Personality by E. M. Ramsy Journal May 1903

    in reply to: One Mind #4722

    Thank you for your post. The label “judgement” was a good alert to be aware of where my thoughts are taking me. I am grateful for this powerful Bible lesson and its perfect healing antidote to the news of many clashing minds.

    “Mind. The only I, or Us; the only Spirit, Soul, divine Principle, substance, Life, Truth, Love; the one God; not that which is in man, but the divine Principle, or God, of whom man is the full and perfect expression; Deity, which outlines but is not outlined.” S. & H.

    The part of this definition of Mind, ” The only I, or Us” has been a great Truth for me to remember this week when the picture of division presents itself.

    In the Address titled, “War” Martha Wilcox writes,
    ….each individual must see and hear with new distinctiveness and understanding. Jesus said, “Let him that readeth understand,” and the prophet Jeremiah said, “What seest thou?” If we read and see from the material sense of things, there will be “discord and dismay,” but if we read and see from the spiritual vision, then there will be “science and peace.” We make our own choice.”Addresses of Martha Wilcox p. 390

    in reply to: progress in obedience #4472

    Romans 17 “But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.”

    Thank you for this post. Last night this quote from Romans was read. “Obeyed from the heart” really stood our to me. It fit in perfectly with our lesson this week on true obedience and “not hearers only.” Reading this post today I could see it was describing perfectly what it means to obey with the heart, “our affections are placed” and “If divine Love is becoming nearer, dearer, and more real to us,” and “The objects we pursue”.

    So, “Religion will then be of the heart and not of the head.” I often think of obedience as mental exercise so this helped me remember it is the spirit we must keep before thought. Plainfield is such a wonderful example of following God with their hearts and letting Him lead their activities rather than being bound by human rules and acts of outward obedience rather they strive to live from their love and deep understanding of God

    in reply to: How can I progress? #4388

    Thank you. I appreciate this topic. It wasn’t until I came to Plainfield and started to follow the teachings and example that I realized most of my reading was not being absorbed and therefore not lived-adhered so the spirit was not imbibed. As I slowly break the habits of intellectualizing this Science of Christ I am able to see progress that was not there. Step by step it is helping me place the things of God first. It was a huge shock when I first began to wake up to how far I was from living/abiding in Truth and Love.

    “….follow the behests of God….”

    BEHEST’, n. Command; precept; mandate.[Antiquated, except in poetry.](Webster”s 1928)

    Below from 500 Watching Points by Carpenter he writes,”The following statements by Mrs. Eddy illustrate this point. ‘It is good to be afflicted, to drink in the experience by which we are made meet for the Master’s crown. Love is in itself a purifier, and if we reach its glorious behests, we must be purified in the process.’ ‘The Christian Science student’s affection, fidelity and devotion are born in the furnace and blossom in wisdom won by experience. This is the price and reward of taking one’s treasure out of material vessels.’ ‘Oh! how good it is to experience, to learn the meanings of God by what we suffer.’ ‘It is good to be afflicted, when the results prove its uses.'”

    Below is part of a poem by Mary Baker Eddy title Come Thou. She put the lines below it the very first pages of her 1910 Science and Health:

    “Oh! Thou hast heard my prayer; And I am blest!

    This is Thy high behest: –

    Thou here, and everywhere.”

    in reply to: Positive expectation #3929

    Thank you for these posts.

    “Christian scientific practice begins with Christ’s keynote of harmony, “Be not afraid!”

    Keynote: (synonyms): substance, essence, heart, core, essential, central principle

    I spent decades going to Christian Science churches not realizing how much my life was driven by fear nor did I really understand how to handle fear. I would read the words but could not put it into practice. One of the first things a practitioner here did for me was start chiseling away at this fear. Watching my thinking, being obedient to God’s precepts, being honest, letting go of the past, understanding true goodness and how to pray about evil were a few things that were required. I can see the more I practice this Science of Christ, correctly taught here, that the heart of all Mary Baker Eddy’s works are, “Be not afraid.” Anything else is not spiritual healing and does not destroy the fear permanently. I am grateful for all that we have in this church to help us grow in grace and understanding.

    in reply to: turn our gaze #3459

    Below is an addition to the above story. I was encourage to add this part of the story. This is an excerpt form the same sermon by Spurgeon describing the speaker who impacted his life that day.

    “I sometimes think I might have been in darkness and despair until now had it not been for the goodness of God in sending a snowstorm, one Sunday morning, while I was going to a certain place of worship. When I could go no further, I turned down a side street, and came to a little Primitive Methodist Chapel. In that chapel there may have been a dozen or fifteen people. I had heard of the Primitive Methodists, how they sang so loudly that they made people’s heads ache; but that did not matter to me. I wanted to know how I might be saved, and if they could tell me that, I did not care how much they made my head ache. The minister did not come that morning; he was snowed up, I suppose. At last, a very thin-looking man, a shoemaker, or tailor, or something of that sort, went up into the pulpit to preach. Now, it is well that preachers should be instructed; but this man was really stupid. He was obliged to stick to his text, for the simple reason that he had little else to say. The text was,—”LOOK UNTO ME, AND BE YE SAVED, ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.”
    He did not even pronounce the words rightly, but that did not matter. There was, I thought, a glimpse of hope for me in that text.”

    in reply to: turn our gaze #3424

    Excerpt of Charles Spurgeon’s conversion story. (spurgeon.com)
    Spurgeon wandered into a church searching for peace for he felt heavy with guilt and sin. He had a religious background but this day changed his life.
    “The text was,—’LOOK UNTO ME, AND BE YE SAVED, ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.’ The preacher began thus—’My dear friends, this is a very simple text indeed. It says, ‘Look.’ Now lookin’ don’t take a deal of pains. It ain’t liftin’ your foot or your finger; it is just, ‘Look.’ Well, a man needn’t go to College to learn to look. You may be the biggest fool, and yet you can look. A man needn’t be worth a thousand a year to be able to look. Anyone can look; even a child can look. But then the text says, ‘Look unto Me.’Ay!” said he, in broad Essex, “many on ye are lookin’ to yourselves, but it’s no use lookin’ there. You’ll never find any comfort in yourselves. Some on ye say, ‘We must wait for the Spirit’s workin’.’ You have no business with that just now. Look to Christ. The text says, ‘Look unto Me.’
    When he had gone to about that length, and managed to spin out ten minutes or so, he was at the end of his tether. Then he looked at me under the gallery, and I daresay, with so few present, he knew me to be a stranger. Just fixing his eyes on me, as if he knew all my heart, he said, “Young man, you look very miserable.” Well, I did; but I had not been accustomed to have remarks made from the pulpit on my personal appearance before. However, it was a good blow, struck right home. He continued, “and you always will be miserable—miserable in life, and miserable in death,—if you don’t obey my text; but if you obey now, this moment, you will be saved.” Then, lifting up his hands, he shouted, as only a Primitive Methodist could do, “Young man, look to Jesus Christ. Look! Look! Look! You have nothin’ to do but to look and live.” I saw at once the way of salvation. I know not what else he said,—I did not take much notice of it,—I was so possessed with that one thought. Like as when the brazen serpent was lifted up, the people only looked and were healed, so it was with me. I had been waiting to do fifty things, but when I heard that word, “Look!” what a charming word it seemed to me! Oh! I looked until I could almost have looked my eyes away. There and then the cloud was gone, the darkness had rolled away, and that moment I saw the sun; and I could have risen that instant, and sung with the most enthusiastic of them, of the precious blood of Christ, and the simple faith which looks alone to Him. Oh, that somebody had told me this before, “Trust Christ, and you shall be saved.”

    in reply to: The mission of Christian Science #3293

    “That in 1875, after nine years of arduous preliminary labor, she wrote the Christian Science text-book, ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;’… that it has healed multitudes of disease and has revealed God to well-nigh countless numbers—facts which prove, (1) that Science and Health does not need to be interpreted to those who are earnestly seeking Truth; (2) that it is not possible to state truth absolutely in a simpler or more pleasing form.”
    Excerpt from a Letter by LEWIS C. STRANG
    Pleasant View, April 21, 1906 (published in May 1906 Journal and the forward in Miscellany)

    I am so grateful that the correct sense of Christian Science, as Mary Baker Eddy intended, is lived and shared here including the importance of “mental anatomy”. Mr. Strang’s letter, written at Pleasant View, is powerful antidote to human pride which thinks to operate outside of God and succeed. Something I am learning needs continual guard against. We can see the effects of pride trying to permeate the holiness of this season for a more “pleasing form” of worship. Pride is the absolute opposite of the beautiful Christmas story and would try to “deceive the very elect” but by its fruits- emptiness, depression, disappointment, etc we can be awakened to this counterfeit. We are blessed to have the true sense Christmas understood and explained here.

    in reply to: I AM THAT I AM #3252

    I am really grateful for all that I am learning here about God. It has help me grow in my understanding in this powerful statement from our lesson, I AM THAT I AM. Before I could not feel what it was really saying to me. Now I see it is speaking of God as All in all. The early writers are very helpful in clarifying this statement which we are blessed to have access to. I found myself this week connecting this Bible statement to all I was reading and hearing about God. Strenghtening my affirmations. Below is from a recent article shared here that I have been using this week. It means to me that my purpose is not about making people happy, fixing others, worrying about relationships, rushing about solving problems, or trying to make things perfect. God governs His creation perfectly. I listen, follow His commands and let Him unfold His plan to me. I need to get out of the way.

    “Each one’s business, each one’s holy mission, is to see how abundantly he can express his own true individuality as a child of God; how certainly he can demonstrate this goodly heritage without interference or interruption; how faithfully he can resist false mental suggestion in order that in his daily life he shall reflect only Mind’s beautiful design and purpose.”
    Quietness by by Violet Ker Seyner

    in reply to: Put on the whole armour of God #3070

    Since attending Plainfield, armor went from abstract ideas that I repeated, to an active way of living my daily life. This obedience to Biblical precepts correctly taught here leads to spiritual understanding of what we are reading and studying.

    “Absolute obedience, and the whole armor of God is on! Disobedience or indifference and the whole armor is off; we live in our sense of self, which is the ‘bottomless pit.'” from Self-Mesmerism by John F. Linscott Journal 1896

    “Above all he needs to take the shield of faith (spiritual understanding), and also to take ‘the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God,’ as an offensive and defensive weapon.” The Whole Armor of God by Rev. G. A. Kratzer Sentinel 1906

    “That constant radiation of Light is the Armor of Righteousness, which always protects man from his enemy the devil (mortal mind).”Radiation and Absorbtion by A Learner
    I understand now that constant radiation means how we think and live. As mentioned last week, not doing this(“bland denial of truth”) is mental malpractice the opposite of the armor of God.

    in reply to: All things made new #2985

    I too felt the encouragement of the citations.
    This morning I was listening to the audio of the article Love Your Enemies by Mary Baker Eddy. Below is a quote that I thought fit in with the theme of our lesson this week.
    “The best lesson of their (our) lives is gained by crossing swords with temptation, with fear and the besetments of evil; insomuch as they thereby have tried their strength and proven it; insomuch as they have found their strength made perfect in weakness, and their fear is self-immolated. This destruction is a moral chemicalization, wherein old things pass away and all things become new.”

    Earlier in the article she writes
    “Simply count your enemy to be that which defiles, defaces, and dethrones the Christ-image that you should reflect. Whatever purifies, sanctifies, and consecrates human life, is not an enemy, however much we suffer in the process.”

    Before coming to Plainfield I thought everything always had to be smooth, no trouble, free from disagreements, etc. I tried to obtained this by human effort not spiritual scientific demonstration-like when Jesus stilled the storm. Jesus had to drive out the money changers from the temple. He did not just stand by an let ungodly behavior continue because he did not want to upset anyone. Now I see if peace is not based on God it is not pure, honest nor lasting, A false peace puts one to sleep to satan’s plots. Which as I found in my life just smolders underneath until it breaks out into flames. I am very grateful for the pure teachings of the Science of Christianity based on Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery and Bible classes that are give here.

    in reply to: Unreality! #2621

    Thank you both. This lesson is also a wonderful treatment for our country. We can lift ourselves above the politicking and know that we can declare these truths and promises to protect our country and the priciples it stands on that come from God.

    in reply to: Worship #2137

    From Precepts 2 by Carpenter Sr. And Jr.:
    “The problems of the church are always mental. The most important thing about the church in the eyes of God is the atmosphere. When it is spiritual enough to heal, then it proves that the members are being faithful in their duty to God and man. The prayers of the members, when they are scientific, bring out the radiance of Soul in the services that blesses and heals. The materially-minded may not be conscious of this mental aroma, but the needy ones know of its presence when it heals them.
    The story of the woman who was healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment is an important one, since it reveals the fact that he carried with him an atmosphere which healed. Were it not for this record, we might believe that his healing was always the result of a definite and direct effort, which he made when called upon to help; but from this story we know that he worked to put self aside, so that Love would shine through and permeate his atmosphere with its healing influence, so that when needy ones entered it, they would feel it and be healed-are the only proof that can be offered to God that the members appreciate and understand the object of church, and so are doing the mental work…,those who have such a correct concept of church, that they are seeking to utilize every opportunity that the church offers to work mentally.”

    in reply to: understand God #2079

    I decided to use the list from Proverbs and make it practical in my life. I used Bible Hub search online to see different Bible interpretations to work on this. Below is my interpretation.

    It is repeated in our classes nothing worthwhile comes easily but requires persistence, hard work, and diligence.

    We are to:
    1. receive my words (take to heart),- making sure I am not just repeating words but slowing down and focusing on the meaning, and living these prayers rather then continuing in the same old patterns.
    2. and hide my commandments with thee (value);-seeing importance, worth, and usefulness of not dabbling or using only parts of this Science but bringing it into all of my life and being.
    3. incline thine ear unto wisdom (listen),-get myself out of the way,cultivate humility,be willing to learn and make mistakes, accept rebukes. Jesus said,”hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted,” Mark 4
    4. and apply thine heart to understanding (patience);-starting my day with God first and checking my motives and thoughts throughout the day.
    5. criest after knowledge (importunately and fervently),- seeing that I need God which means the need to work on meekness rather than persisting in my human will. Not giving up. Using my whole heart.
    6. and liftest up thy voice for understanding (acknowledge Him);-not done by my might but asking God for His ideas.
    7. If thou seekest her as silver,and searchest for her as for hid treasures;-seek after the things of God with the same energy, eagerness, and affection that I would search after the so called treasures of the world

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    in reply to: The skirt of Saul's robe #2037

    Having bull dozed my way through life this was a clear reminder of the need for patience, a knowledge of God and his precepts so I can be alert to the temptations that would take me off the path. I am grateful to be learning to recognize human will, which is opposed to God, and challenge this way living with practical steps.

    Matthew Henry Commentary
    “God delivered Saul into David’s hand. It was an opportunity given to David to exercise faith and patience. He had a promise of the kingdom, but no command to slay the king. He reasons strongly, both with himself and with his men, against doing Saul any hurt. Sin is a thing which it becomes us to startle at, and to resist temptations thereto. He not only would not do this bad thing himself, but he would not suffer those about him to do it.”

    in reply to: Jonathan and David #2035

    5. I Samuel 23 : 14 (to 1st ,), 16
    14 ” And David abode in the wilderness in strong holds,
    16 And Jonathan Saul’s son arose, and went to David into the wood, and strengthened his hand in God.”
    As I am learning here, this was a significant part of this relationship. God in the middle. A true sense of fellowship and bond that sustains and supports.

    Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible
    “And Jonathan, Saul’s son, arose,…. And came from Gibeah, which, according to Bunting (o), was twenty two miles from the place where David was:
    and went to David into the wood: having had intelligence where he was, this being a proper place to have an interview with him privately: and strengthened his hand in God; and his heart too, his hand of faith to lay hold on God, as his covenant God and lean and rely upon him; he strengthened him in his power and in his providence, and in his promises to him; the Targum is,”he strengthened him in the Word of the Lord;”not only in his word and promise, but in Christ the essential Word of God, who should spring from him according to the flesh.”

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    in reply to: The skirt of Saul's robe #2026

    I really appreciate the lesson writer for the use of the story of Saul and David this week. Today I came across an article from the Christian Science Journal. For a couple of years there was a series of Bible Lessons written by F.E. Mason. The following lines are excerpts from the article on David, Saul and Jonathan by F. E. MASON C.S.B. from SEPTEMBER, 1889, No. 3. 1 SAM. xvii. 32-51.
    Bible Lesson No. 9

    “Saul saw in him (David) a rival for the throne he intended for Jonathan and determined to take his life.

    We find that David’s fears were absolutely groundless, for in the end of the lesson we see that while David was in the cave hiding from Saul, Saul himself enters and approaches so close to David as to allow David to cut off the skirt of his robe, yet Saul is totally unconscious of David’s presence! Saul enters, coming in from the light of worldliness, and is blinded. David recognizes Saul,
    but Saul knows naught of David’s presence. Looking toward the light of truth reveals error to us and hides us from the error.The power of David over his enemy is here apparent. David’s fear is simply self-mesmerism. The only power anything antagonistic to God has, is the power wherewith we endow it.

    And he said to David, Thou art more righteous than I: for thou hast rewarded me good, whereas I have rewarded thee evil.

    Golden Text: Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

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    in reply to: God governs #1874

    “Treatment or prayer is for the purpose of letting our minds approximate the Truth, the parent Mind. The living, conscious intelligence that is released from within, will take care of the ignorance, the illusions.
    To perceive with understanding that any inharmony or imperfection is a misstatement, a misconception of a genuine fact, would be to free oneself instantly.
    The great need of the hour is that we reconcile our state of consciousness, or sense of existence, with the Truth of reality, and this reconciliation can never take place outwardly, for it is always within the individual consciousness.” Addresses by Martha Wilcox p. 426

    I found the chapter which the above quote is from extremely helpful in helping me understand the term illusion.
    The Word Made Flesh Illusion starts on p. 416

    in reply to: Preserved my spirit #1869

    Since I have been here at Plainfield the peace, balance, joy, and health I was searching for has been unfolding in my life. It is the Biblical teachings and correct understanding of Mrs. Eddy and her works that is bringing this about. Nothing else brought the deep and permanent change in my thinking and actions that was required to make these healing changes.

    Some lines from our lesson this week stood out to me

    “It is the spiritualization of thought and Christianization of daily life,..”

    “Man, governed by immortal Mind, is always beautiful and grand. Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty, and holiness.”

    One article found on this website has been helpful.
    “…recognize that the Almighty is in the midst, controlling all your desires, emotions, thoughts, and functions.”
    God Proportions Man
    by Peter V. Ross

    “Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee” Job 22

    in reply to: Present your bodies #1804

    ‘Present your bodies a living sacrifice’ I never gave much thought to this powerful statement. Thank you for expanding on it.

    I love the citation in our lesson from I Peter 2 : 5 , “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.”

    Many translations state that “lively stones” can be also “living stones”

    “Christian Science, rightly understood, leads to eternal harmony. It brings to light the only living and true God and man as made in His likeness;” Science and Health p. 338
    These lessons have given me such a new sense of the living God and the importance of recognizing this fact.

    Living: vital functions in operation; not dead. Producing action, animation and vigor, opposed to stagnant.
    Dead: Perfectly still; motionless. Empty; vacant; Unemployed; useless; unprofitable. Dull; inactive; (Which Elijah proved Baal was)

    in reply to: a jealous God #1681

    “If you could imagine being given your choice between having God or health, which would you choose? Many a student fancies that he is seeking God when he is really seeking relief from error. Mrs. Eddy once wrote, “God, good, is ‘jealous’ in our sense of the word. It admits of nothing unlike simple honesty, goodness, truth and love to be put into good’s foundation or superstructure. This I have seen proven beyond cavil over a half century.” If God is jealous, then He permits nothing to come ahead of Him in man’s procession, not even the blessings He bestows upon His children.
    When we seek to establish our unity with God, we should ask ourselves which we desire most, God, or the rewards God bestows for faithfulness. We will find that it is necessary often to rededicate our love for Him as being first, and to know that no error can tempt us to put anything ahead of Him in our affections.” from 500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter #271

    This is a good reminder to check our thoughts and motives. Is God more important to me than anything else? I am grateful to Mary Baker Eddy who devoted her life so that all can understand God. I see even more the importance of really getting to know God and the importance of devoting myself to this activity. I can also see the need for being alert to all that would seem to try to stop us.

    in reply to: The virtuous woman #1527

    “She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.”

    I am very grateful for the healing and lessons I am receiving here at Plainfield. I find that I am not as careless with my words and conversations. It took the understanding I am gaining here to start overcoming habits of talking that were often filled with human will, fear, careless words, and thoughtless. By facing the sin and healing the intent behind the unnecessary talking I am beginning to feel greater peace in my life. It takes great discipline but well worth the effort and prayer.
    Below are a couple of reminders I keep around.

    WAIT: Why Am I Talking
    Silence is good, don’t just fill the air with unnecessary conversation.
    Guard your tongue. (Proverbs 21:23)
    Is what I am saying a blessing or a curse?
    THINK: Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind

    in reply to: …that cast you out for my name’s sake… #1475

    Thanks for this post. This week I kept coming across the word judgment. I have always found the idea unclear because I got the idea of having good judgment confused with judging others. I decided to look deeper into this. I wanted to share the definition I found in case it might help someone else.

    1828 Webster’s: Judgment

    In Scripture, the spirit of wisdom and prudence, enabling a person to discern right and wrong, good and evil.

    Give the king thy judgments, O God. Psa 72.

    Rightly to understand and discern.

    He that is spiritual, judgeth all things. 1 Cor 2.

    synonyms: discernment, perception, discrimination, wisdom, prudence, powers of reasoning, reason, logic

    All important qualities. I realized all these years I have been trying to do this through human effort rather than turning to God who is the source of all. Human effort was at best inconsistent and can be tricked. Then there is always the pride of accomplishment or shame attached.

    Also from 1828 Webster’s

    3. To censure rashly; to pass severe sentence.

    Judge not, that ye be not judged. Mat 7.

    Here is another statement I came across this week discussing this type of behavior-” the other meaning of judgmental has to do with being overly critical in an unhelpful way,” This was a defining statement for me, to keep the concept simple and recognize when I slip into this dangerous and unkind mode of thinking either toward myself or another.

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    in reply to: the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge #1445

    Thank you. Yesterday while reading The Spiritual Journey of George Washington by Jancie T. Connell I came across the following excerpt.

    “During his residence in Philadelphia, as President of the United States, it was the habit of Washington, winter and summer, to retire to his study at a certain hour every night. He usually did so at nine o’clock… A member of the household observed the President upon his knees at a small table, with a candle and open Bible thereon.”

    in reply to: Satan's seat #1409

    Thank you. I see that, like Balaam, when I am determined to do my human will, no matter how insignificant it seems to be, I can’t see God or the Angel in the path. Human reasoning may try to tell me it is not a big deal but feeling cut off from God is serious. Hoping God will over look it shows I don’t understand God. Mary Baker Eddy writes very clearly on this in the chapter on Prayer.
    “…till we learn that there is no discount in the law of justice…” S. & H. p. 5

    I am learning obedience is an expression of gratitude for all God has done. God is Good and our best friend but placing myself in the “hands of schemers” is where the danger lies. Watching, along with virtue and truth, is how I need to use my time.

    Psalm 119
    “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”

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    in reply to: …the earnest of the Spirit #1275

    Thank you both. This inspired me to look at “wrought” at the beginning of the citation.

    Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges
    “5. wrought us] Literally, wrought us out, i.e. fitted and prepared us by a course of training”

    God is working in us and giving us what we need to do his work.

    The continuation of 2 Corinthians 5:
    “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.”

    The last words brought out in Florence’s post was a line that stood out to me this week. Her share, that we need “daily to maintain the Truth of our being” and “humble obedience to what Christian Science teaches”, was very helpful to me.
    This was a reminder to me that when I drift into human will, apathy, worry, daily events or current of thought without addressing it with prayer and maintaing the Truth – I am “at home with the body” and absent with the Lord.

    I am grateful for the pure teachings of Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy, practitioner support, lessons, and activities here that continually provide us with the tools “to be present with the Lord”.

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    in reply to: The wheat and the tares #1158

    The above quote that says “You must gain Love, and lose the false sense called love.”, and the mention of human goodness during our Bible Study today made me remember something I had read awhile ago from the Red Book, published I believe by Richard Oakes. It is an essay ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy on p. 57

    “The letter alone without a due proportion of the spirit of Christian Science, almost inhumanizes a mortal; it chastises his material mode of love, of feeling, or being either kind or true, and if he has not gained the spiritual sense of those, there is nothing left to him but the knowledge of a false sense of goodness which he must either loathe and lose the false sense of goodness, or else, having it, be consciously false to himself, and of necessity false to others. ‘To thine own self be true and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man.” – Shakespeare.”

    This quote spoke to me of my many confusions before coming here to Plainfield. I did not know what to do with feelings or how to pray over them. I also believed strongly that to be favored you must be humanly good. This certainly open the door for me to be false to myself and others which resulted in many years of unidentified suffering for me and those I came in contact with. Now through the grace of God, this church and practitioner support I have begun to unwind these snarls.

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    in reply to: Become a Fool? #1059

    Thank you Gary. I found this citation a good reminder to watch my thought because it can drift easily into relying on human intellect rather than turning with my whole heart and mind to God. I did not have any sense of this before instruction here at Plainfield. It has been one of the most life changing lessons for me and definitely not over. Letting go of human intellect and pride has also been a very important part in my growing ability to hear and feel God.

    This citation connects with our Bible Study discussion of Naaman last week. Naaman was quite confident in his worldly knowledge, power, plans, and ways. It was all put to silence and he was humbled by Elisha the prophet who demonstrated to him how God views man’s opinions.

    The following is from Matthew Henry about the citation in Corinthians this week.
    “To have a high opinion of our own wisdom, is but to flatter ourselves; and self-flattery is the next step to self-deceit. The wisdom that wordly men esteem, is foolishness with God. How justly does he despise, and how easily can he baffle and confound it! The thoughts of the wisest men in the world, have vanity, weakness, and folly in them. All this should teach us to be humble, and make us willing to be taught of God, so as not to be led away, by pretences to human wisdom and skill, from the simple truths revealed by Christ.”

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    in reply to: "Jesus and Compassion" #929

    I am grateful for these posts on compassion. My concept before coming to Plainfield was far from what I am learning here. It was more on the level of sympathy, definitely a personal sense and do goody definition. I got so that I had to define it more by what it wasn’t so as to break the habits I had developed. I constantly need to check my motives. It was surprising how many negative attitudes I entertained while thinking I was being caring. (such as judgement, control, impatience, self righteousness, fear) I am learning compassion may mean you have to let other people struggle in order for them to learn important lessons. Defining it as unselfed and requiring humility in order for one to be a reflection of God’s love, which is always compassionate, makes so much sense. All this time I was seeing it as a human quality. Without God it got me into lots of trouble and heartache.

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    in reply to: Idols #824

    Thank you Florence. Both your points on humility and God’s allness were helpful. This was a reminder for me to watch negative thoughts by obeying the First Commandment and humility puts the focus on God where it should be. (antidote to self centered thinking). Your comment today during Bible Study about humility being a form of repentance also resonated with me.

    in reply to: We Must Earn Our Way. #702

    This citation stuck to me and was a continual reminder of the attitude I need to cultivate.
    I Chronicles 28 : 9
    …know thou the God of thy father, and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: for the LORD searcheth all hearts,
    And from Gill’s Exposition of the Bible:
    “…serve him with a perfect heart, and with a willing mind; cordially and sincerely, cheerfully and freely, neither in an hypocritical manner, nor through force and constraint, nor with loathing and weariness.”

    I appreciate the questions listed above and see the necessity of having a willing mind and perfect heart to be obedient to what is required of us. I am learning work to be well done sure can’t be accomplished superficially or half heartedly. I am grateful for the discipline constantly taught here.

    in reply to: For The Glory of God #655

    Thank you for these posts. It was good to have the topic as a reminder to watch my motives. This also made me think of the line in the article Taking Offense by Mary Baker Eddy (which can be found on this website)-
    “It is our pride that makes another’s criticism rankle, our self-will that makes another’s deed offensive, our egotism that feels hurt by another’s self-assertion.” Then she tells us how to go forth to face this foe of self.
    This meant to me that if I am caught up in self there is no room for glorifying God.

    in reply to: Lord"s Prayer #409

    I found this in my early article search this week. I found other sources who have also published this poem attributed to Kings James I.

    The Lord’s Prayer
    From the November 16, 1899 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

    [The following poem is said to have been written by King James I.]

    If any be distressed and fain would gather
    Some comfort, let him haste unto
    Our father,
    For we of hope and help are quite bereaved
    Except Thou succor us
    Who art in Heaven.
    Thou showest mercy; therefore for the same
    We praise Thee, singing,
    Hallowed be Thy name.
    Of all our miseries cast up the sum;
    Show us Thy joys, and let
    Thy kingdom come.
    We mortal are and alter from our birth;
    Thy name be blessed here,
    Thy will be done earth.
    Thou mad’st the earth as well as planets seven,
    Thy name be blessed here
    As ’tis in heaven.
    Nothing we have to us, our debts to pay,
    Except Thou give it us.
    Give us this day,
    Wherewith to clothe us, wherewith to be fed,
    For without Thee we want
    Our daily bread.
    We want, but want no faults, for no day passes
    But we do sin—
    Forgive us our trespasses.
    No man from sinning ever free did live,
    Forgive us, Lord, our sins
    As we forgive.
    If we repent our faults Thou ne’er disdain’st us;
    We pardon them
    That trespass against us;
    Forgive us that is past, a new path tread us,
    Direct us always in Thy faith,
    And lead us—
    We, Thine own people and thy chosen nation,
    Into all truth, but
    Not into temptation.
    Thou that of all good graces art the giver,
    Suffer us not to wander,
    But deliver
    Us from the fierce assaults of world, and devil,
    And flesh, so shalt Thou free us
    From all evil.
    To these petitions let both church and laymen,
    With one consent of heart and voice, say

    in reply to: Ananias, with Sapphira his wife #349

    I am grateful this week’s lesson, Bible Study and shares dedicated to honesty. I am finding that being honest requires a lot such as real self awareness, willingness to be corrected, and a true desire to put God first. I am growing a deeper desire for and understanding of what honesty is the longer I participate here at Plainfield and the veil lifts off the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. Today I share something I found about this Bible story and wanted to post a few sentences that I could relate to from my own experience.

    “We are careful to veil…but safely behind the walls of our own homes, we have a tendency to let it all hang out—all the anger, all the temper, all the unkindness and inconsiderateness, all the selfish demands, all the pride, all the childish behavior. And as a result, many Christian homes are riddled with wrangling and strife. But when some concerned Christian who might be able to help us asks how things are going at home, we quickly reply, “Oh, just great, great. Yes sir, we’re getting along better than we ever did.” And we excuse our dishonesty by telling ourselves that what goes on in our home is a private matter, nobody’s business but our own.
    Phony spirituality is contagious. When one Christian sees another Christian getting away with it, he finds it easier to try it himself. And for every member who operates in the power of the flesh rather than the Spirit, for every one who lives for the praise of men rather than for the glory of God, the effectiveness of Christ’s church is reduced so much the more.
    …we may even find it difficult to recognize our hypocrisy. We may simply have fallen into the unconscious habit of protecting our saintly image, covering our carnality, keeping people from knowing what is going on in our hearts and in our homes. That is usually easier than committing ourselves totally to Christ and letting Him live through us to make the changes He wants to make. This form of hypocrisy has become a way of life in the church today, and may be the reason we are not making any greater impact on our godless society.”


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    Thank you for these posts. They helped me think more about what it means to follow. From the definitions of the word “follow” I realized we are always following something, even if we think we are sitting idly by. Hence the importance of watching thought as we are continually reminded here at Plainfield. The words obey, imitate and yield in the definition really surprised me. Thank you for this lesson this week.

    Strong’s Concordance
    1811 eksakolouthéō (“follow”) – properly, completely follow (literally, “wholly out from”), i.e. closely imitating (emulating) someone as a model or leader.

    Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

    From ek and akoloutheo; to imitate, obey, yield to — follow.

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